The Faithful Squire

This is another quick and dirty quest, perhaps the shortest in the whole plug-in. When you return to the Priory after collecting the other four relics, Lathon (remember him from the Pilgrimage?) will come looking for you to tell you that Sir Roderic died trying to retrieve the Sword of the Crusader from Underpall Cave and will deliver the Greaves of the Crusader to you. Sir Roderic was killed by the wraith of Lord Vlindrel (Sir Berich, the missing Knight from the original nine), using the Sword of the Crusader, which has somehow become corrupted. He will then ask to join the Knights of the Nine.

If you accept Lathon as a Knight of the Nine, he will want to come with you to Underpall Cave to avenge Sir Roderic's death. Personally, I find companions in Oblivion to be more of a hinderance than a help, but it's your call. If you decide to accept him as a Knight, but not want to take him with you, you can always tell him to wait at the Priory while you go off and do other things and then deal with Underpall Cave on your own.

Arriving at Underpall Cave ends this quest and starts the next. How's that for short? Talk to Lathon and travel to Underpall Cave.