Thieves Guild: Bal Molagmer Quests

There are eight Bal Molagmer quests from Stacey, but the first one is just getting the Bal Molagmer gloves from him, putting them on, and talking to him again. You must be wearing the gloves each time you ask for one of these quests and you must be wearing them when you complete most of them, at least those that involve talking to an NPC. If you are not wearing the gloves, you won't have the opportunity to let the Bal Molagmer take credit for the whatever it is.

The quests get you no rewards from the Stacey other than warm fuzzies (faction rep and disposition boosts), so I count them as strictly optional if you're looking for goodies.

It looks like they were designed as a way to partially work around the killing of several Thieves Guild quest-givers as part of the Fighters Guild questline. I say "partially" becaue you can't pick up Stacey's regular quests until you are Rank 7 and these will only give you enough faction rep to get to Rank 5. I hope you managed to complete at least one steward's quests before offing them.

This is not to say that the quest are exceptionally easy (a few of them are downright difficult if your Sneak is sucky [and sometimes even if it isn't sucky]), but they're more stealth-based than the normal Guild quests and there is a certain role-playing flavor to them that many of the other questlines are lacking. On the whole, I rather like them.

Hlervu Locket

Braynas Hlervu lives in Ald'ruhn. He's a poor eggminer who used an heirloom locket to pay Bolvyn Venim's tax men. Your job is to steal the locket from Venim Manor and return it to Hlervu.

The locket is on (not "in") a chest in the Guard's quarters. But it's behind a 50-point locked door that is right next to a guard. It's easily picked or "Opened" if your Sneak is high. Otherwise you'll probably need to get out of sight of the guard, and use a "Telekinesis" spell or a targeted "Open". Once that's done, go into the room, close the door and just pick up the Locket (the chest itself is empty).

Nraynas Hlervu stands right outside his little house, which is kind of south of the Temple. Talk to him, give him the Locket, and give the credit to the Bal Molagmer. Report back to Stacey for some warm fuzzies.

Yngling Half-Troll's Ledger

Stacey wants you to steal a ledger from Yngling Half-Troll (one of the Hlaalu Councilors) to prove his corruption. The ledger is in Yngling Manor, which is on the west side of the Plaza level of the St. Olm's Canton.

When you walk into the Manor, you'll see a couple of three of Yngling's retainers. Not to worry (yet). Almost directly in front of you and behind a wall is a stairway going down to an 85-point locked door. If you can't pick it or "Open" it, you'll need the key and there are two. One is in the possession of Yngling Half-Troll and the other is in the possession of Star, the Nord that's in front of you when you enter.

Once you have either the key or some other means of getting through the door, wait until the Orc is out of sight before opening it. You'll find yourself in the basement (you might have been here already to kill some Blighted Rats on a Hlaalu quest). The ledger is on the table, next to a letter from Archcannon Saryoni donating 50,000 gold for the reconstruction of the Temple in the Hlaalu Canton. Yngling's ledger shows that he has siphoned off almost the entire amount. I say "almost" because there is 125 gold in the little locked chest on the table. I assume that's the last of it.

Return the ledger to Stacey for some more warm fuzzies.

Forged Land Deed

Hlaalu Councilor Velanda Omani has forged a land deed to take away Indrele Rathryon's land. Rathryon is the widdow of an Imperial Legionaire who was killed by the Cammona Tong. Stacey wants you to find the forged land deed in the Library of Vivec and return it to Indrele Rathryon.

If Mehra Milo is already gone from the Library or if you have not completed "Vivec Informants" for Cosades, this quest is a walk in the park because the only thing in the back part of the library is the occasional wandering Ordinator. If you've done "Vivec Informants", she'll be fairly close by and will give the alarm if she detects you lifing the deed.

The forged deed is on the bottom shelf of one of the bookcases, underneath of another book. You'll need to look closely to see it and a "Telekinesis" might not work well due to the cramped pathways in the Library. Just save first and you should be OK.

When you have the deed, take it to Indrele in Seyda Neen (she wanders over by the pond where Fargoth's stump is. Give the deed to her and let her know that it's a gift from the Bal Molagmer. Report back to Stacey for more warm fuzzies.


A Guild member lifted the Glass Shortsword "Enamor" from Salyn Sarethi, a Bouyant Armiger stationed at Ghostgate in the Tower of Dusk (the western tower). Normally a stolen sword wouldn't raise too many eyebrows, but this was a personal gift from Vivec and the Guild would like to return it.

Off you go to Ghostgate. It's a decent walk from Ald'ruhn or Fort Buckmoth and an even longer one from Balmora and Fort Moonmoth. Just follow the foyada and watch out for the Cliff Racers. Sarethi is downstairs in the room with the two guys in Glass Armor. But his chest is farther toward the back, behind a wall. It's not locked, so as long as no one is looking, put the sword and the note into the chest and you're done.

Report back to Stacey for more warm fuzzies (I hope you're feeling really good about yourself).

Brallion's Ring

Brallion is the slave merchant in the great market in Sadrith Mora. He has a ring that should be delivered to Ilmeni Dren, Duke Dren's daughter and a noted abolitionist. Normally, Brallion is standing over the by the slave cages. But for this mission, you'll find him downstairs at Fara's Hole in the Wall.

There are theoretically three ways to get the ring. You can buy it (500 gold), you can steal it (I've never managed it, even with Sneak boosted to 185), or you can kill him. Well, you can't just up and kill him. That would be murder and the Bal Molagmer can't be associated with that kind of behavior. But nothing says that you can defend yourself (fatally) if he attacks you first.

Once you have the ring, take it to Dren. She lives on the lower level of the St. Delyn Canton, in Canal South-One. This is next door to where you found Nads Tharen's body for Stacey's first regular quest. Give her the ring and tell her it's a gift from the Bal Molagmer to complete the quest.

If you have the password for the Twin Lamps, you can pick up the first of those quests while you're here. But don't forget to report back to Stacey for some more warm fuzzies.

Caldera Corruption

Time for dealing with some more corruption. This time in Caldera. Stacey wants you to steal Odral Helvi's personal copies of the four volumes of "A Brief History of the Empire" and deliver them to Vala Catraso in the Ald'ruhn Mages Guild. She runs a school there and they need some history books.

Getting the books is easy. Finding the books is a bit more of a hassle. Enter the Governor's mansion in Caldera. There is a stairway in the back left corner. Go up to the first door and the chest you need will be on the other side of the closet. It's got a 50-point lock, but there shouldn't be anyone around to see you breaking in. Take the four volumes and get over to Ald'ruhn. Give the books to Vala Catraso and tell her that they are a gift from the Bal Molagmer. Report back to Stacy (warm fuzzy time).

Dwemer Goblet

The Temple has been hassling Danso Indules, a poor priest who takes care of the sick and hungry in Vivec. You'll find her wandering in the tunnel at the Temple. Stacey wants you to steal a Dwemer Goblet from Berel Sala and give it to Indules. She should be able to sell it for a chunk of change to help with her good work.

Sala and the goblet are in the Justice Offices in the Hall of Justice under the Temple. The only problem with the mission is that the goblet is sitting on the table directly in front of Sala. There is an easier way, though. There is a door opening into a hallway in the corner of the office. If you go into the hallway (leave the door open, of course) so that you're out of Sala's sight, you should be able to stealth and use a "Telekinesis" to lift the goblet.

Give the goblet to Indules and tell her it's a gift from the Bal Molagmer, then report back to Stacey.

This is the last of the Bal Molagmer quests. Stacey figures you now know what it's all about and leaves anything else to your discretion.