The Beginner's Guide


Welcome Back!

Welcome back to the (In)famous Beginner's Guide. If you were hoping for the Beginner's Guide to Daggerfall, you clicked on the wrong link. Click HERE instead.

This, therefore, is the Beginner's Guide to Morrowind where we shall attempt to solve the unsolvable, explain the inexplicable, keep your character alive and on track, and figure out just exactly what the tax code means. Well, maybe not the tax code bit, but we're certainly going to try to provide answers to your questions about Morrowind.

So, without further ado.  Let's get to the task of teaching you everything you never wanted to know about Morrowind.

UPDATE (Feb 2013): That "work in progress" bit didn't turn out to be terribly accurate. I just began a new playthrough on the Steam version and felt the need to remind myself of some of the stuff that got crowded out by Oblivion, Fallout 3, and Fallout: New Vegas. I do not have any great urge to do a "Beginner's Guide" for the Fallout games, at least not in traditional webpage format. As for Skyrim, the folks over at the UESP Wiki have done a much better job of parsing and parceling that game's goodness than I ever could. The same can be said for their Morrowind and Oblivion info, too. I think my stuff is more entertaining to read, though.

In the meantime, I added a new page on Modding Morrowind. While I seriously doubt that I can contribute anything in the way of FAQ-type information that isn't already available from other sources, a freshly installed game and a passel of modding tools that weren't available when Morrowind was released make it an intriguing idea.

UPDATE (Aug 2010): This was supposed to have been a work in progress, but other than completing the walkthru for the Main Quest and a few side/faction quests, there hasn't been much progress since it went live. I decided to go back through the game again (yes, it still has replay value), so am updating some of the older material and adding stuff that I didn't get to before. Just for giggles, I decided to create a Journal of the character that I used on my most recent playthrough. I started it off as a one-page-per-entry effort and found that it just got too complicated, so I moved it over to a blog format. Feel free to read and comment if you want.

Hopefully the whole thing will be a "new and improved" product by the time vacation runs out toward the end of the month.

UPDATE: It didn't get finished, but I'll continue to work on it as time and my work schedule allow.

UPDATE: I moved the Journal to its own space. All of my posts got lost in the move and I don't really feel like tracking down and re-uploading my backup, so Serge Lanier managed to get himself killed somewhere along the line, "Dead is Dead" and I'll get around to continuing that little project eventually.

Note that I am working with the most current patch and have both Tribunal and Bloodmoon installed. Although I run the game with the Morrowind Patch Project and the Morrowind Code Patch installed, I am not relying on them for any of the walkthroughs (you will find links to them on the "Links" page).