Witchhunters are dedicated to rooting out and destroying the perverted practices of dark cults and profane sorcery. They train for martial, magical, and stealthy war against vampires, witches, warlocks and necromancers." (Morrowind player's manual)


Specialization Magic
Favored Attributes Intelligence, Agility
Major Skills Conjuration, Enchant, Alchemy, Light Armor, Marksman
Minor Skills Unarmored, Block, Blunt Weapon, Sneak, Mysticism
Starting Spells Bound Dagger (60 seconds)
Summon Ancestral Ghost (60 seconds)

Combat Block, Blunt Weapon
Magic Conjuration, Enchant, Alchemy, Unarmored, Mysticism
Stealth Light Armor, Marksman, Sneak

Strength Blunt Weapon
Intelligence Conjuration, Enchant, Alchemy
Willpower Mysticism
Agility Light Armor, Marksman, Block, Sneak
Speed Unarmored