"Though spellcasters by vocation, sorcerers rely most on summonings and enchantments. They are greedy for magic scrolls, rings, armor, weapons, and commanding undead and Daedric servants gratifies their egos." (Morrowind player's manual)

Unlike the Sorcerer of Arena and Daggerfall, the Morrowind Sorcerer does not automatically have the ability to absorb spells and the inability to regenerate magicka. In order to accomplish this, you will need to set your birth sign to the Atronach. The Sorcerer starts with a very good selection of spells, though he is a sadly lacking in the healing department. He has some decent combat skills (though the "why" of Heavy AND Medium Armor escapes me), but must use magic in place of thieving skills. Extensive use of all magic skills will increase the chances of success at enchanting items, which can make up for the lack of Strength-related skills.

Specialization Magic
Favored Attributes Intelligence, Endurance
Major Skills Enchant, Conjuration, Mysticism, Destruction, Alteration
Minor Skills Illusion, Medium Armor, Heavy Armor, Marksman, Short Blade
Starting Spells Shield (5 points for 30 seconds)
Water Walking (60 seconds)
Bound Dagger (60 seconds)
Summon Ancestral Ghost (60 seconds)
Fire Bite (Fire Damage 15-30 points on Touch)
Almsivi Intervention (teleport to nearest Temple)
Divine Intervention (teleport to nearest Imperial Shrine)
Detect Creature (detect animal in 50-150 feet for 5 seconds)

Combat Medium Armor, Heavy Armor
Magic Enchant, Conjuration, Mysticism, Destruction, Alteration, Illusion
Stealth Marksman, Short Blade

Intelligence Enchant, Conjuration
Willpower Mysticism, Destruction, Alteration
Agility Marksman
Speed Short Blade
Endurance Medium Armor, Heavy Armor
Personality Illusion