"Nightblades are spellcasters who use their magics to enhance mobility, concealment, and stealthy close combat. They have a sinister reputation, since many nightblades are thieves, enforcers, assassins, or covert agents." (Morrowind player's manual)

Just about the ultimate mage-thief combination. Decent combat, magic and thieving skills, though a little light on healing abilities. Nightblades travel light, so don't be expecting to beef up this character very easily (no skills in Strength and Endurance). But if your playing style runs to "hit-and-git," the Nightblade is for you.

Specialization Magic
Favored Attributes Willpower, Speed
Major Skills Mysticism, Illusion, Alteration, Sneak, Short Blade
Minor Skills Light Armor, Unarmored, Destruction, Marksman, Security
Starting Spells Shield (5 points for 30 seconds)
Water Walking (60 seconds)
Chameleon (10% for 30 seconds)
Sanctuary (10 points for 30 seconds)
Almsivi Intervention (teleport to the nearest Temple)
Divine Intervention (teleport to the nearest Imperial Shrine)
Detect Creature (detect animal within 50-150 feet for 5 seconds)

Combat none
Magic Mysticism, Illusion, Alteration, Destruction, Unarmored
Stealth Sneak, Short Blade, Light Armor, Marksman, Security

Intelligence Security
Willpower Mysticism, Alteration, Destruction
Agility Sneak, Light Armor, Marksman
Speed Short Blade, Unarmored,
Personality Illusion