"Any heavily armored warrior with spellcasting powers and a good cause may call himself a crusader. Crusaders do well by doing good. They hunt monsters and villains, making themselves rich by plunder as they rid the world of evil" (Morrowind player's manual)

Don't go whole-hog on the Destruction or Restoration spells. Unless you took a race or birth sign that enhanced your Magicka, you're not going to have the points for anything fancy. If you did and need to beef up your INT for more magicka, make potions and sell them. Ingredients can be had for almost nothing except the time to collect them. Notice that there are no thieving skills, so be prepared to wear out a lot of lockpicks and probes.

Specialization Combat
Favored Attributes Agility, Strength
Major Skills Blunt Weapon, Long Blade, Destruction, Heavy Armor, Block
Minor Skills Restoration, Armorer, Hand-to-Hand, Medium Armor, Alchemy
Starting Spells Fire Bite (Damage 15 to 30 points on Touch)

Combat Blunt Weapon, Long Blade, Heavy Armor, Block, Armorer, Medium Armor
Magic Destruction, Restoration, Alchemy
Stealth Hand-to-Hand

Strength Blunt Weapon, Long Blade, Armorer
Intelligence Alchemy
Willpower Destruction, Restoration
Agility Block
Speed Speed
Endurance Heavy Armor, Medium Armor