"Barbarians are the proud, savage warrior elite of the plains nomads, mountain tribes and sea reavers. They tend to be brutal and direct, lacking civilized graces, but they glory in heroic feats and excel in fierce, frenzied single combat." (Morrowind player's manual)

A fairly apt description. If you play the Barbarian according to class skills, you are going to wind up with a very strong, very fast warrior, without a lick of common sense and no social skills. His battle tactics are going to consist of attack, attack and attack. Since he has no thieving skills, no magical ability to speak of and you can't bash open locked boxes/doors, it will be interesting to see how you cope with these little problems.

Specialization Combat
Favored Attributes Strength, Speed
Major Skills Axe, Medium Armor, Blunt Weapon, Athletics, Block
Minor Skills Acrobatics, Light Armor, Armorer, Marksman, Unarmored
Starting Spells none

Combat Axe, Medium Armor, Blunt Weapon, Athletics, Block, Armorer
Magic Unarmored
Stealth Acrobatics, Light Armor, Marksman

Strength Axe, Blunt Weapon, Armorer, Acrobatics
Agility Block, Light Armor, Marksman
Speed Athletics, Unarmored
Endurance Medium Armor,