"Agents are operatives skilled in deception and avoidance, but trained in self-defense and the use of deadly force. Self-reliant and independent, agents devote themselves to personal goals, or to various patrons and causes." (Morrowind player's manual)

"The name is Bond. James Bond." Though where you're going to come up with an Astin-Martin with a passenger-side ejector seat, I have no idea. Charming and urbane with the ability to wheedle, sneak and backstab his way through just about anything, the Agent is a class with class.

Specialization Stealth
Favored Attributes Personality, Agility
Major Skills Speechcraft, Sneak, Acrobatics, Light Armor, Short Blade
Minor Skills Mercantile, Conjuration, Block, Unarmored, Illusion
Starting Spells none

Combat Block
Magic Conjuration, Unarmored, Illusion
Stealth Speechcraft, Sneak, Acrobatics, Light Armor, Short Blade, Mercantile

Strength Acrobatics
Intelligence Conjuration
Agility Block, Sneak, Light Armor
Speed Short Blade, Unarmored
Personality Speechcraft, Mercantile, Illusion