"'Acrobat' is a polite euphemism for agile burglars and second-story men. These thieves avoid detection by stealth, and rely on mobility and cunning to avoid capture." (Morrowind player's manual)


Specialization Stealth
Favored Attributes Agility, Endurance
Major Skills Acrobatics, Athletics, Marksman, Sneak, Unarmored
Minor Skills Speechcraft, Alteration, Spear, Hand-to-Hand, Light Armor
Starting Spells none

Combat Athletics, Spear
Magic Unarmored, Alteration
Stealth Acrobatics, Marksman, Sneak, Speechcraft, Hand-to-Hand, Light Armor

Strength Acrobatics
Willpower Alteration
Agility Marksman, Sneak, Light Armor
Speed Athletics, Unarmored, Hand-to-Hand
Endurance Spear
Personality Speechcraft