Cyndassa (The Werewolf)

You must be at least 5th level to be offered this quest.

The Main Hall in Daggerfall Castle

Cyndassa is located in Daggerfall Castle. She's in the room below and to the left of the stairs leading up to the thrones. Be careful, though. The guards at Daggerfall take offense at people snooping around where they're not supposed to be and will attack you after you leave the room (if your rep with Gothryd or Aubk-i is high enough, they will leave you alone).

Like everyone else, Cyndassa has some information for you, but she wants something from you before she gives it to you. She wants you to kill a werewolf. The dungeon she sends you to is random, but somewhere in there is a werewolf that returns to human form when you kill it. It is her brother and she wants him put out of his misery.

After taking care of this little item, return to Cyndassa to find out that a letter from the Emperor arrived and was given to Aubk-i. Aubk-i promised to deliver it to Mynisera when she found out it wasn't for her. She suggests talking to Mynisera and will put in a good word for you with the Dowager Queen, who is behind the door on the other side of the stairway.