Fifteen Years of "The Elder Scrolls"

19 July 2009 - Time flies when you're having fun. I can hardly believe that it has been 15 years since Arena was released. On August 31, 2009, it will have been 13 years since Daggerfall was released to the public; a few weeks more than that since I picked up my copy and began my adventures in Tamriel. In celebration of this 15th Anniversary, Bethesda Softworks has released Daggerfall as a free download. You can go to the Elder Scrolls homepage and find it in the Downloads section or or follow this link and (hopefully) get there directly.

Daggerfall (and Arena, Battlespire and Redguard, for that matter) will not run well ("at all" in some cases) in the Windows NT operating systems (2K, XP, Vista or Windows 7), so you will need a DOS emulator. DOSBox is the most recommended emulator. The most current version can be downloaded from The nice thing about DOSBox (aside from the fact that it works well) is that it runs in a window, so you can play the game and be looking at this guide at the same time. It was almost impossible to do that when running under Win9x, so some things have improved a bit with age.

It was suggested that I go back and re-do the Guide to go along with this re-release. I'm not sure about going back and doing a complete overhaul, but I'll go back and see what can be tweaked or clarified. Anyone with questions can still contact me through the email address on the links page (I do answer email). I sincerely hope that the re-release of Daggerfall introduces a new generation of gamers to The Elder Scrolls, that you find it as enjoyable as I have and that you find this site useful. Good luck and enjoy!


New (Location) and Improved (sort of). Despair over the quality of technical support (or lack thereof) provided by AOL and Sprint over the summer of 2001 has dictated that I head out for greener pastures. It also meant that the Guide must find a new home. So here we are, almost 6 years after the game originally hit the web, setting up shop in my new home.  I suspect that this will be the last makeover of the Guide, but who knows.

2000 saw the addition of a downloadable, printable .doc version of the Beginner's Guide to Daggerfall and an almost complete revamping of the site.

The original version was first published on the Web in July 1997 with a complete rewrite/revamp in 1998 and minor tweaks and additions through 1999. Shortly after my return from vacation in the summer of 2000, I received a LONG e-mail from Tom Stabler pointing out some more mistakes and letting me in on a few cheats that I didn't know about.

Links to the left will appear here; links on this side will launch a new window. Just close it when you're done (just like they taught in kindergarten - if you open it, close it; if you take it down, put it back; if you sign it, shred it; if you say it, deny it...).

If you want music, here it is. Although my DTD's claim adherence to the HTML 4.0 standard, we all know that neither Internet Exploder nor Netscrape truly support the standard. So I've done the best that I can to make it workable across platforms and versions, though.  Yep, the IE 4.0 bundled with your Win95 will work just as well (and maybe better) than the latest and greatest from the good folks in Redmond.

My thanks to all who have pitched in with their help, comments (constructive and not), suggestions and willingness to go through all of this material to catch my multitude of mistakes and lousy typing. Again, thanks to Tom Stabler for a couple of really good catches on a couple of real boo-boos and a couple of really nifty cheats.