The Calendar

The calendar of Tamriel mirrors the normal calendar (except that Sun's Dawn is supposed to have 28 days, but actually has 30). There is a major holiday throughout the Bay at least once per month and individual provinces and regions have their own holidays. Most major holidays have some benefit to your character, but local holidays are for atmosphere only.




Morning Star (31 days) 1st - New Life Free ale at taverns
15th - South Wind's Prayer Free healing at temples
Sun's Dawn (30 days) 16th - Hearts Day Free tavern rooms for as many nights as you want, if rented today
First Seed (31 days) 7th - First Planting Free cures at temples
Rains Hand (30 days) 28th - Jesters Day Nothing special
Second Seed (31 days) 7th - Second Planting Free cures at temples (full price for healing wounds)
Mid Year (30 days) 16th - Mid-Year Temple blessings at 1/2 price
Suns Height (31 days) 10th - Merchants Festival All stores 1/2 price
20th - Suns Rest All stores closed
Last Seed (31 days) 27th - Harvests End Free drinks at taverns
Hearth Fire (30 days) 3rd - Tales and Tallows 1/2 price goodies at Mages Guildhalls
Frost Fall (31 days) 13th - Witches Festival Free identification of magical items and 1/2 price spells at Mages Guildhalls
30th - Emperor's Birthday Nothing special
Suns Dusk (30 days) 20th - Warriors Festival 1/2 price weapons
Evening Star (31 days) 15th - North Winds Prayer All temple services are 1/2 price
30th - Old Life Festival Free ale in taverns