Thieves Guild

Membership in the Thieves Guild is by invitation only.  The invitation to join will be issued when you pickpocket 10 or more times in a 3-day period or successfully break into a store without using an “Open” spell on the door. They’ll contact you about a week later with instructions on what to do. Complete the quest they offer to join the guild. Although the Guild makes veiled threats about the consequences of failing to complete their initiation quest, I’ve run several months past their deadline and not seen any form of retaliation. But if you blow the quest, you’ll never get to join the Guild. Only one invitation will be issued.

Required Skills:

Training Offered:

Benefits of Membership:

Thieves Guild quests tend to run along the lines of moving stolen property from place to place, occasionally you get one to break into a building and steal an object. Very little dungeon crawling involved in this Guild.  Another great benefit is that the Thieves Guild is a 24/7 operation.  They're always there when you need them.