Miscellaneous Items

There are a variety of items which can be enchanted, though only a few are worth the trouble.  Clothing can be enchanted, but its potential is so low that major side effects must be added in order for it to hold even the simplest enchantment.  For that reason there are many miscellaneous items and ingredients which are not on this table.





Wand 1200         Holy Relic can't
Cloth Amulet 600

Scarab can't
Mark 800

Holy Tome can't
Bracelet 1750

Holy Dagger can't
Bracer 1500

Bell can't
Amulet 2300

Religious Item can't
Torc 2050

Prayer Beads can't
Ring 1800

Talisman can't
Glass Bottle 30

Holy Water can't
Malachite 150

Turquoise 100

Jade 200

Amber 400

Ruby 1750

Sapphire 2250

Emerald 2750

Diamond 3000