Spell Breaker

Daedra Prince:  Peryite

Summoning Date:  9th of Rain's Hand

Description:  Spell Breaker, superficially a Dwarven tower shield, is one of the most ancient relics of Tamriel. Aside from its historic importance dating from the Battle of Rourken-Shalidor, the Spell Breaker protects its wielder almost completely from any spellcaster, either by dispelling magicks or silencing any mage about to cast a spell. It is said that the Breaker still searches for its original owner, and will not remain the property of any one else for long. For most, possessing Spell Breaker for any time is power enough. Spells: Free action and Spell Reflection

Comments:  Superficially, Spell Breaker looks like a rainbow-colored tower shield.  Other than that, it pretty much does what it says.